This is a photo of one of our apartments










Postal code 84001
Ios - cyclades



The forefront side of our rooms

This is the forefront picture of our rooms and studios


the back side of our studios and apartments

This is the back side of our apartments




room balcony

One of the room's balconies


Olive tree garden

Our olive tree garden on the groundfloor of our room facility


One of our rooms

You see here a picture of one of our rooms




The main picture at the top of this page shows one of our comfortable apartments that can accommodate up to 5 person. All our apartments are fully equiped with A/C, kitchenette, TV, bolier, shower and a kitchen sink.


In the top left picture you can see the forefront of our rooms, were you have a balcony upstairs and a public yard.


The top right picture shows a simple double room that we offer to a very low price. All of our rooms feature A/C, shower and some of them a TV.


The picture down on your left is showing the back view of our building were you can see the private parking space, the public barbeque were you can gather your friends and have your own fiesta and the reception of Nikos studios. The olive tree garden if free for all and provides beauty and shade for our guests. It is located on the ground floor of our facility and can be used for your barbeque nights.





room terrace

Room terrace


our yard

our yard